Electric Grid
T&D May 3, 2018

FERC Commissioner Neil Chatterjee: How will w...

By: Neil Chatterjee Imagine for a moment what a prolonged electrical outage would look like […]

Market November 14, 2017

This is a test: How NERC plans to up the stak...

By: Robert Walton Later this week, utility officials and first responders will get the call […]

Market November 1, 2017

Utilities focus on plausibility, prevention i...

By: Robert Walton A spike in natural disasters this year has left millions without power in […]

Market October 24, 2017

FERC to consider NERC`s proposed cybersecurit...

By: Energy Central Staff The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is considering approving new cybersecurity standards proposed by […]

Market October 12, 2017

FERC Staff Report Identifies Lessons Learned ...

By: US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Staff Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) staff issued a […]

T&D June 26, 2017

NERC Says Cyber Attack Risk is Growing, but N...

By: Editors of Electric Light & Power/POWERGRID International There were no reportable cyber security incidents […]

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