Introducing Benjamin Groleau: a driving force behind ARTC’s continued excellence and growth. Since 2017, Ben has led with distinction, solidifying ARTC’s reputation as one of the best engineering recruiting firms in Philadelphia. His exceptional leadership, coupled with a wealth of industry expertise, has not only shaped our team’s success but has also earned us a prime position in the Philadelphia recruiting firm landscape. As we delve into our latest manager highlight, discover how Ben’s unwavering dedication has propelled our recruiters towards new heights in their careers and beyond.

Why did you choose ARTC?

Great question. When I came across ARTC, I already had three other job offers and accepted one of them. I took the ARTC interview with the mentality that I had nothing to lose. I’m going to be my authentic self and express my beliefs and vision for the industry candidly. Surprisingly, our values aligned well, and during a deeper conversation with Matt Gardner (ARTC’s Client Services & Solutions Director) a day later, I really saw their vision and potential. Despite having a very competitive offer with another firm, I was confident in my abilities and knew the long-term incentives outweighed anything the other company could provide. I took the gamble and followed my instincts. Those first 2 years I was here, we experienced record-breaking growth, revenue, and placements. If I could go back, I would make the same decision. I’m proud to part of ARTC’s journey!

What’s your favorite part about working with ARTC? what do you try to bring to the team as manager?

Originally, it was just 4 employees including me. As we started to expand, new paradigms and culture changes emerged with each new hire, which I found exciting. As a staffing firm grows, it’s often expected that management becomes less visible. While there’s some truth to that, my belief is to provide autonomy to all our recruiters while staying engaged and accessible for communication. I try to prioritize daily one-on-one interactions and high visibility, maintaining an open-door policy even as the company expands. I feel like it’s essential to maintain that connection and support for the team.

What are you most excited for in the next several years?

Looking back, it’s challenging to pinpoint one specific accomplishment or defining moment because our rapid pace often makes it hard to pause and acknowledge significant milestones. Moving forward, I’d like to carve out time to intentionally appreciate our wins, big and small. Chris Picariello, Matt Gardner, and I have always shared the philosophy that our current achievements are just stepping stones toward larger goals. The pursuit of continuous growth is what drives us to push for more here, and avoiding complacency is crucial. We’re definitely fueled by the potential this team has and refuse to let any chances slip by. Also, that element of uncertainty personally excites me, especially within a like-minded team. I’m very eager to witness ARTC’s future and face the many exciting challenges ahead. Additionally, I am motivated to improve my role in coaching and mentoring our awesome recruiters. They are the lifeblood of an engineering recruiting firm with limitless potential.

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