-Charlie Saffro

There’s a common fable that the Holiday’s are a bad time to look for a new job. However, CS Recruiting has found that this idea is in fact a myth. The Holiday’s may call for more days off and a lack of business-to-business relations, but this slower time in business also means more time in a Hiring Manager’s schedule to look deep into their needs and work on finding the right candidate for an open position.

The slower business is, in fact, may be the best time to onboard new employees because the employer has time to effectively work with the new employee and prepare them for a hectic Q1 ahead. Read below to see some of CS Recruiting’s tips for filling a new role or finding a new position in December below.

1. Why is looking for a job in December beneficial for job seekers? December is characterized by a slowdown in business and by extension a slowdown in hiring. For recruiters this can be the ideal time to thoroughly research and identify the golden candidates for a position. It also gives new employees an easier transition into their role than they might have had in the middle of the year.

2. What advantages do workers have? The end of year slowdown means employees have a chance to evaluate their role within a company and determine their potential for growth in the organization. CS Recruiting recommends that companies use December to their advantage and work to evaluate their company hierarchy. Organizations with clear objectives for growth in place have a better chance to sway those passive candidates to look into new opportunities with them.

3. What are recruiters looking for? Recruiters want to see candidates with a proven track record of success within their position. Recruiters are talent matchmakers and that means the company and the potential hire must be clear about their objectives for the new role.

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