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Judging your interview performance can be one of the more difficult aspects of a job hunt. If you aren’t offered a position with the company you interviewed for, it can be difficult to determine why that is. If this has happened more than once, and you feel that you have great skills and a good working history, you may want to consider that there’s something you’re doing while interviewing that is keeping you from being hired. make sure that you are paying attention to these aspects of interviewing style:

Body language. In an interview situation, your words aren’t the only thing that your potential employer is paying attention to. Nonverbal communication also says a great deal. If you want to project confidence, sit up straight and make eye contact. If you want to seem engaged, don’t sigh or fidget with your nails or hair. If you want to seem strong make sure to use a firm grip when you shake hands.

Negativity. A job interview is, at its core, about selling yourself as an employee. There’s no room for negativity of any kind. Don’t say bad things about your former employer. Complaining about a former boss or company can make you look petty, and that’s not the kind of person a manager wants to hire. Not only that, but they might wonder if you’ll be speaking negatively about their company in another interview someday.

Engagement. We live in an age of a myriad of distractions. Most people carry smart phones with them everywhere, and it’s become second nature to look at a screen when you feel you have a spare moment. Doing well in an interview has a lot to do with engagement, so turn off your phone before you enter the building. Remove the temptation to nervously play Solitaire or check your Facebook feed, and focus on being present in the moment. Your interviewer will appreciate your undivided attention

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