By: Devin Caldwell

It’s easy to be discouraged when searching for a new job. Job searches can be taxing physically and emotionally whether you’re looking to stay in your career field or want to switch things up a bit. As you may know by now, job searches can take weeks, months and may take even more than a year depending on different factors. Here are several ways you can stay optimistic during the process regardless of your chronological age vs. biological age:

Exercise and eat healthy

By making every effort to take care of your physical health, you put yourself in a position to succeed. There are many benefits you will receive through regular exercise and eating well which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improvement of depression symptoms: If you’re experiencing depression symptoms on a regular basis, consult a mental health professional. Mental health treatment combined with exercise can improve depression symptoms. Not landing your dream job can be discouraging when getting turned down multiple times. Consistent exercise combined with a nutritious diet will help you stay positive throughout your job search.
  • Prevention of the common cold: Your exercise routine doesn’t have to be high-intensity to prevent the common cold. Going outside for a brisk 40-minute walk four days a week will increase the strength of your immune system. In the event you do catch the common cold, the duration of the cold is significantly reduced because of your activity level.
  • Prevention of heart disease: Heart disease is the no. 1 cause of death in the United States according to the American Heart Association. 614,348 died as a result of heart disease compared to 591,699 who died from cancer. Moderate to intense exercise on a regular basis combined with healthy foods will strengthen your cardiovascular system.
  • Keep a focused mind with nootropics: Nootropics are substances that improve discernment and bolster solid mind work. They incorporate different sustenances, nutraceuticals (supplements), and pharmaceuticals (drugs). Sound people may utilize nootropics to enhance memory, learning, center, mindset, focus, preparing, inspiration, and consideration. Maturing people may likewise utilize them to help solid psychological maturing or moderate subjective maturing.
  • Stress reduction: One of the most effective ways to rid your mind and body of tension is exercising. Whether it’s lifting weights, going for a hike or playing basketball, your stress level will be reduced. Endorphins, your brain’s natural narcotic, are released resulting in feelings of excitement and satisfaction. Your overall happiness will be increased each time you exercise because of the frequency you’re releasing endorphins.
  • Increased energy levels: It’s hard to be taken seriously during a job interview if you look exhausted when answering questions from your potential employer about your work history or what your biggest weakness is.

The hardest part of exercising and eating healthy is being consistent. It’ll help you feel young regardless of your chronological age. Schedule time to work out and plan your meals. It’s a worthwhile investment that will always pay off.

Ask for help

When you’ve been investing in yourself and in others, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A recent survey shows that 85 percent of all jobs are filled via networking. By asking for assistance from your network, you will be made aware of different jobs and occupations that may not be made public on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Here are a few different ways you can ask for help from your network:

  • Interviewing tips: Do you have a friend who is a business owner or a part of a company’s HR team? Ask for some pointers on how to answer interview questions that have been stumping you.
  • Industry insider tips: Is one of your acquaintances part of the marketing team you’re hoping to join? Ask your acquaintance for some insider information on the company you’re interviewing with. It’ll help you be better prepared for your interview and also help you know whether or not you’re interested in the industry you’re thinking about joining.
  • Ask for a referral/introduction: An effective way to get an edge on other candidates is to ask for a referral or an introduction of sorts from a respectable individual who is connected to the company you are applying to. If you have a mentor who knows the CFO of the company you want to join, ask the mentor to introduce you to the CFO. It’ll help break the ice before you even interview.

By taking time to ask for help, you will realize how many people are willing to help you succeed. This realization will help you stay optimistic throughout your job search.

Network and invest in others

It pays to meet new people and invest in human relationships. Human capital is a precious resource that you need to continue to cultivate. As you network and invest in others, your chances of finding the job you want and need will increase. Increasing your circle is easier than you think with these tips:

  • Increase your online presence: Work on your LinkedIn account and get a personal website if you haven’t already done so. Ask for past managers and co-workers to write recommendations for you on your LinkedIn account. If you don’t have a personal website, get one. Consistently publishing valuable blog articles on your industry will help you gain credibility as an industry leader.
  • Ask for referrals: When meeting people for the first time, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. You never know who your new connection is working with. Contacts lead to jobs.
  • Attend meetups: Go to events like 1 Million Cups if you’re looking to get a job in a startup. If you’re looking to work for local graphic designers in the area, find graphic designer meetups on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Volunteer your time: Find ways to give back to your community. It’s easy to feel sad and not be optimistic when you’re only thinking about yourself. By volunteering your time, you can focus on others while gaining professional experience. You can also reduce your personal stress levels and learn more about your neighbors.
  • Mentor the next generation: If a recent college graduate wants to ask you about work/life balance over a cup of coffee, take her up on it. It’s important to invest in others. Just like volunteering your time, you’ll be happier when you focus on others.

If you’re not already networking and investing in others, start now. Investing in others always pays off and will help you stay optimistic in your job search.

Optimism pays off

As you take care of your health, ask for help and invest in human relationships, you’ll be able to stay optimistic throughout your job search. You may not always get exactly what you were hoping for in your job search but you’ll put yourself in an overall position to succeed in the long run by staying optimistic throughout your job search. Optimism pays off so be diligent and continue to do your best.



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