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If your company is beginning to dip its toe into cloud computing, you may be looking to hire more people for your Information Technology department to help make the transition easier. But what if you aren’t familiar with cloud computing, or IT in general? What do you look for in potential candidates? Here are five traits to look out for:

1. Technical skills. There are a variety of technical skills you should look for in a candidate who you’re hoping to hire to do cloud computing. Your specific needs may vary, but be on the lookout for Linux, Java, .NET framework, Python, Perl, and Ruby on Rails. Keep in mind that even if a candidate doesn’t have the specific skillset you’re searching for, it may be a good idea to train them to your specifications.

2. Project management. All IT projects straddle several different departments, and, with the advent of cloud computing, likely several different vendors or contractors as well. You need to hire someone who can oversee all the different aspects of a project, sometimes more than one project at a time, and keep everything organized and on track.

3. Communication skills. Cloud computing can require different vendors, contracts, regulations, and fine print. An ideal IT worker has both written and verbal communication skills for negotiating the best deal for your company, and making sure that no one overlooks an important clause.

4. Security awareness. Data security has always been a concern for IT departments, but as services move into the cloud, information technology workers must be even more vigilant about protecting customer, vendor, and company information. A candidate with security experience is likely one you shouldn’t pass up.

5. Adaptability. Information Technology is a constantly changing field, so hiring a candidate who can adapt, learn new skills, and creatively apply old ones is a must. Candidates who are willing to change and grow will serve your company the best as you move forward with new projects, goals, and technologies.

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