By: Emily Moore

A lot of people think they need an Ivy League degree or a prestigious company name on their resume in order to be frontrunners, but the truth is, there are a number of pretty simple things you can do to get in a recruiter or hiring manager’s good graces. Don’t get me wrong — it will still require thoughtfulness on your part, but as long as you carefully research, practice and prepare, you’re sure to make a good impression.

Below, we’ve highlighted eight simple things that you can do to become an irresistible candidate — read on to learn more.

perfect candidate

Ready to start doing your homework? Check out these helpful resources:

  • Company ReviewsLearn all about a company and what employees think of working there
  • SalariesSee how much people in your role, location and company are earning
  • Know Your Worth: Discover what you deserve to be paid based on job title, experience and more 
  • Interview Reviews: Find out exactly which questions recruiters at your target company are asking



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