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Without a well-developed social media presence, most employees will struggle to land a good job. We’re experiencing an extremely competitive marketplace, and the conditions for hiring are pretty tough everywhere you go.

If you’re a professional that’s looking for a great job, you must acknowledge the fact that the world has changed, and most of the employers and recruiters will expect you to have an online presence. Simply put, to boost your chances of getting called for an interview, you must show professionalism. In today’s world, there’s no better way to do that other than developing a personal brand around your name.

In today’s post, we’re presenting 6 possible ways in which social media can cause you harm while you’re looking for jobs and applying for interviews Moreover, you’ll get a lot of tips and tricks that will help you correct your mistakes, so make sure you implement them no matter what!

How Do Recruiters Perform Their Research?

Here’s what you need to understand about how a recruiter acts and proceeds when searching for information online.

  • First, a Google search is performed. All the relevant information is noted down, serving the purpose of further research.
  • The interviewer reads the resume, the cover letter, and notes down all the statements and qualifications of the applicant. Then, he will seek proof online by searching for information that supports the applicant’s previous statements.
  • The interviewer will then assess the degree of professionalism that the candidate is showing in the online presence, and especially in the social presence. Every candidate’s social media feed will be carefully analyzed.
  • The interviewer will try to find comments or reviews that concern their applicants, information that comes from different people and sources.
  • Lastly, the interviewer will seek a reason not to hire the applicant. If there are none, then it means the applicant’s ready for an interview!

Well, considering that you know what the main interest of the average recruiter is, you must ensure that your social presence is glowing. Here are the situations you must always avoid in order to keep your chances of being summoned to an interview intact:

1.    Displaying Inappropriate or Provocative Posts

Your social media posts should never contain provocative or inappropriate information. For example, if there’s a presidential election such as Trump vs Hilary going on, don’t take any political side. When you’re looking for a job, you should avoid posting things that might upset your interviewers. You never know who you’re dealing with so keep it safe!

2.    Showing Discriminatory Behavior Through Posts and Comments

Don’t discriminate people and especially don’t be racist. Everybody hates racist people. If your online presence shows that you are one, you will lose most of your chances of landing a great job.

3.    Proof of Drugs or Alcohol Use

If your relationships with drugs or alcohol is not a beautiful one, you should never display it online. Showing personal picture when you’re getting drunk or high with your friends will significantly diminish your odds of being called for an interview. Keep your personal and professional online presence separated by having two accounts, one for friends and another for work.

4.    Not Being Genuine with Your Qualifications

If through your resume you have pointed out several qualifications, your online presence should almost always prove it. If there are no proving links or information on the web, you must ensure that you display proof for all your statements. Not being genuine with your qualifications will probably cause a negative effect, as no person will ever appreciate lies.

5.    Poor Writing and Communication Skills

Many employers will pay a lot of attention to your writing skills, and that’s because content becomes extremely important today. If you can write quality content, you become a better asset to the company as managers can rely on your writing skills for a bigger variety of assignments and roles. Moreover, no editing service will be required for the documents and papers you write,  therefore your hirer will have fewer costs in the long term.

Moreover, showing great communication skills on your social pages should become one of your top priorities. You can display your communication traits by encouraging people to leave comments on your post and by properly answering them. This way, you are encouraging the start of a smart discussion that proves your qualities.

6.    Lack of Professionalism

Simply put, you need to look and act like a professional in order to be treated like one. Your online presence is now the most advantaging place that’ll help you prove yourself as a professional in your field. On your social feeds, post only content that is related to your niche and that connects with different niche influencers.

In addition, you should create a personal website and make it visible (promote it) through your social media channels. Display your professional services with the greatest confidence and you’ll earn the respect of everyone who’s interested in your persona.


Social media has changed the way we do things. It changed the entire world, as most people are now communicating more through social channels than they do it face-to-face. Recruiting now happens online. A personal branding effort counts as an extra benefit that’ll count at the end of the employer’s search process. Make your social media presence glow and you’ll overstep your competition without much hustle!



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