By: J.T. O’Donnell

A new study shows 2016 will be the rise of the “hybrid job” in corporate America. It’s a job that combines equal parts IQ  and EQ (emotional intelligence). You need the hard skills and experience to do the job, but you also need the soft skills of reading people and working in teams effectively in order to get the job done.

Versatility + Specialization = Job Security

One of the reasons the hybrid job is so important is it has the potential to offer greater job security. It requires you to be versatile enough embrace change and shift directions, while leveraging your expertise across many disciplines. This kind of professional flexibility results in a worker getting more opportunities within our rapidly evolving corporate landscape.

5 Signs You’re Already In A Hybrid Job

Without even realizing it, it’s possible your position is a hybrid job. Here’s how to tell:

1) You regularly analyze data. As big data becomes easier to gather and disseminate, companies will require employees to use the facts to their advantage so they can make better, more informed decisions on the job.

2) You’re tasked with making sense of trends. Data analysis over time leads to a recognition of patterns. Identifying trends and how to leverage them to a company’s advantage is vital to a business staying competitive.

3) You need to regularly participate in online webinars, classes, and other forms of on-going learning to keep your skills current. The rate of change in the workplace is so fast, what we know today can be obsolete tomorrow. If a decent percentage of your time is spent researching and learning the latest techniques so you can stay effective, then you could be in a hybrid job.

4) You’re required to communicate and share your perspective in order for projects to move forward. When critical thinking  and an ability to share your thoughts concisely is needed to help your team to make smarter decisions, you could be in a hybrid job. Especially, when your team’s collaboration is more effective when all parties weigh in with information that helps formulate the best plan of action.

5) You manage processes and projects in order to save or make the company money. A study by Glassdoor of the top jobs in America shows eight of those jobs hold management in the title.But, they don’t necessarily manage people. Instead, the job involves taking a leadership role in projects that require a lot of coordination. If you find yourself the lead on assignments on a regular basis, you could be in a hybrid role.

Beware: Non-Hybrid Jobs Could Eventually Become Extinct

Hybrid jobs are valuable because it takes a human with their unique combination of skills to deliver the best results. The creativity, resourcefulness, and mindfulness needed to do a hybrid job is what makes it harder to get outsourced or automated, unlike non-hybrid jobs which companies view as commodities. If you aren’t currently in a hybrid job, now’s the time to consider building your skills and finding one so you don’t get left behind.

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