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Looking through blogs is a great way of gaining insight into the realm of careers and recruitment. Whether you are searching for a complete guide on how to draft an impeccable cover letter, professional CV, or how to use various tools to aid your job hunt, there is a lot of information in these blogs for job seekers that will assist you.

Additionally, these blogs are typically prepared by recruitment insiders whose tips and advice may be the difference between disappointment and success. By learning how these ‘experts’ handle interviews, their careers, and personal brands, you will know how to sell your personal brand.

Blogs for Job Seekers

Also, most blogs for job seekers offer you the chance to subscribe to their mailing lists so that you can get tips and advice delivered straight to your e-mail. Of course, you need to be careful about who you sign up with. Here are the top 10 must-read blogs for job seekers.

  1. Dan Schawbel

Schawbel’s site,, covers a diverse range of topics including job searching, networking, skill development, entrepreneurship, workplace success, and career recourses.

Dan puts up to 7 blog posts every week which are consumed by his over 4,500 Facebook fans, and 210,800 Twitter followers. Nevertheless, his website does not allow you to publish an article there directly; however, there is a comment section for any feedback to the site.

The beauty of Schawbel’s blog pieces is the clear and appealing nature of their content.

  1. Matt Charney

Charney is a legend in the HR recruiting industry. He has worked with and outsourced talent for some of the largest organizations including Warner Bros and Walt Disney. Additionally, he has provided his marketing leadership skills to bigwigs such as Cornerstone and Monster where he is considered to be among the best talents at creating compelling talent.

Charney is well versed in multiple fields including content and channel marketing, corporate communication, brand identity creation and positioning, marketing strategies, and talent outsourcing. Needless to say, you could learn a thing or two from following Matt’s blog.

Currently, Charney is the Managing Editor of (the largest social and content sharing website for recruiting and staffing). However, this is about Matt’s personal blog,  Snark Attack, where he posts well-researched articles about the job industry.

  1. Reddit: Career Guidance

Reddit is a social networking and sharing platform that is open to everyone. It is categorized into niche categories, and the career guidance niche is a feed you should be following in particular. Here, you can discuss career options as well as get advice from experts.

There are about 168 posts on the subject every week and over a million subscribers.

The beauty of the platform is that everyone can publish posts with the most helpful getting the most votes, so you do not have to scheme through every post. Titles are straightforward, such as, “Careers for Introverts,” or “How do I choose the Perfect career?

  1. Recruiting Blogs

This blog is a hub for information for job seekers. The info includes topical blog posts, video and webinar content, industry discussions, a dedicated HR and recruiting job board, event information, and whitepapers. You are likely to find what you are looking for here. was founded way back in 2007 and hosts about 36000 members each day who come to interact, share, discuss, and collaborate with each other on recruitments and the latest developments in HR.

Moreover, everyone can submit their own post thus sharing individual knowledge with the community. This makes for wide reading and a diverse range of opinions and viewpoints on the plethora of recruitment topics.

  1. Indeed

Currently,  Indeed is the number one job website on the planet and boast of over 140 million new visitors every month. Consequently, they have access to the best big data regarding job recruiters and seekers which they use to create informative blog posts.

Indeed has data for over 50 countries and can be accessed in over 28 languages. This allows for some of the best job insights that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

  1. ERE

Created in 1998, ERE is an online platform where recruiters gather to network. As a result, ERE today is the most valuable source of need-to-know information about the recruitment industry.

Additionally, this site is the home of corporate opinion pieces. As such, if a survey about any aspect of the recruitment industry is released, you will learn it first from ERE in addition to getting advice on how to handle the new situation. ERE’s insights are priceless, and it is not a blog you can afford not to follow.

  1. SourceCon

Sourcecon was originally developed as an educational conference for telephone and internet researchers but quickly morphed into an online source of recruitment news, knowledge, and information. The site now serves recruiters as a platform for sharing tools and ideas. Additionally, Sourcecon also offers search tricks and tips, industry news, survey news, opinion pieces, and practical advice.

  1. Undercover Recruiter

This is the leading career and recruitment blog in the UK and Europe and serves both job seekers and recruiters. Consequently, this blog’s content is vast and offers a lot of perspectives to the reader. Topics covered by the Undercover Recruiter include industry trends, interview techniques, CV tips, workplace best practices, and advice about modern job searches. Fresh topic subjects are discussed daily and offer a fascinating insight into the industry.

You can expect the latest news in employer hiring and recruiting advice and career management tips.

  1. Sirona Says

Sirona Says is the blog that bagged the award of UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Blog of the Year. Its author, Andy Headworth is a 20-year-veteran of the recruitment industry and uses his vast knowledge of the industry to advise young job seekers. Additionally, Andy was recently made a LinkedIn EMEA Talent Solutions official Partner.

Sirona Says averages about 2000 visitors per month and has over 1000 people subscribed to the blog. Andy’s posts contain valuable advice on industry trends, recruiters, and more.

  1. Work it Daily

This blog, through its parent site: Careerealism has amassed over 78000 daily subscribers and is a must follow resource for every job seeker. New posts are up daily and cover every topic that a job seeker needs to know about such as general job search advice, detailed LinkedIn tips, and more. You definitely need to be on that subscription list.

Looking for a job is a job by itself, and that is why you need to subscribe to relevant blogs for job seekers to equip yourself with knowledge on how to land your dream job. For more information about recruitment in Singapore, upload your CV for free and subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates about the industry.



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